How a Real Estate Agent Can Help You



If you’re buying or selling a home, the right real estate agent can make all the

difference. They’re with you from the beginning of your search or sale to the day you

hold the keys to your new place. So it’s important to find an agent who fits your

personality and has the skills needed for the job. If you’re relying on referrals to find

an agent, take the time to interview a few candidates and attend some open houses

to see how they connect with potential clients.


A great real estate agent has a warm heart, but also a keen eye. They spend a lot of

time in the details — comparing housing prices, reviewing contracts, and considering

a client’s wish list. They’re with you every step of the way, so it’s important to work

with someone who’s comfortable with all the nitty-gritty. Also read


It’s a common mistake to assume that all agents are the same. Even though some

specialize in certain types of properties, like condos and single-family homes, others

are more familiar with the nuances of the foreclosure process or the ins and outs of

short sales. The best agents have experience in all areas of the industry and can

offer guidance tailored to your specific needs.


In addition to having the right skill set, a good real estate agent knows how to

market themselves. They promote their listings through social media, email

campaigns, postcards, billboards and television and radio ads. They’re constantly

networking to meet people who may be interested in a property and they use tools

like MLS data to evaluate homes that are on the market or have recently sold.


They know the market inside and out and can give you valuable advice based on

current trends. They can help you determine a fair asking price for your home or

recommend a strategy to sell it quickly. They can also advise you on whether it’s

worth it to take on big home improvement projects that might not pay off in the long



If you’re a buyer, your agent will help you get preapproved for a mortgage and guide

you through the homebuying process. When it comes to closing, your agent will

represent you and your interests at meetings with the other party’s real estate

agent, the mortgage lender, escrow or title agents and sometimes even real estate

attorneys. The right agent will have the right connections to ensure everything goes

smoothly on closing day. They’ll even be able to assist with any hiccups that pop up

along the way.

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